Airlines need advanced tools to process and analyze flight data in order to effectively identify safety risk, determine root causes and monitor corrective actions.


Digital Solution

eFOQA (Electronic Flight Operation Quality Assurance) The leading online solution for airline FDM/FOQA programs, the eFOQA provides speed, accuracy and scalability to proactively manage risk in flight operations. The core offering provides data ingestion and processing analytics with options for expanded data sources, analytics editing and data exporting/systems integration.

  • Automated integration, cleansing and data validation
  • Decoding capabilities for all fleet types
  • Analytics capabilities and customization
  • Analytics library developed by user community for 20+ years
  • Data visualization and animation
  • End-to-end solution - from data collection to reporting
  • Peer-to-peer exchange of safety best practices
  • Reduce operational costs by optimizig asset utilization