Introducing GE's Catalyst™
Advanced turboprop engine

GE's Catalyst engine is the first clean-sheet engine in more than 50 years for the turboprop segment. It heralds a new era of advancement, enabling superior efficiency and reliability, best-in-class performance and a dramatically simpler ownership experience.

Purpose-built for simplicity


GE engineers purpose-built the Catalyst engine with simplicity in mind. The Full Authority Digital Engine Control (FADEC) with integration, a first for the industry, delivers single-lever power control, reducing pilot workload while providing greater levels of control and responsiveness. With advanced manufacturing techniques like 3-D printing, we have reduced 855 parts to 12 components thereby reducing weight, wear and leakage. This engine is also designed for predictive maintenance enabling personalized service and improved aircraft availability.


Enabling improved pilot performance starts by reducing distractions. GE's Catalyst engine features a single-lever engine and propeller control that simplifies engine management. An integrated propulsion control system automatically optimizes fuel flow, prop pitch and speed, bleed valves, and variable stators for maximum efficiency in all conditions. The result is a jet-like cockpit experience with fewer gauges and more care-free control. Feel free to look ahead.

Advanced manufacturing

GE's Catalyst engine is the world’s first turboprop engine with 3-D printed parts. Additive manufacturing is used in combination with advanced alloys to enable more advanced component designs and reduced part counts. This reduction in complexity speeds production, reduces Fuel Burn and weight, and increases durability with fewer seams and tighter tolerances. Additive manufacturing is just one more way the Catalyst engine is a force multiplier for the future of turboprop propulsion.

Digitally-enabled service

Imagine an engine that takes care of itself, communicating directly with service providers telling then when and what maintenance is needed, ensuring maximum up time, and worry free operation. Coupling the market’s only FADEC controlled turboprop with GE’s industry leading software platform, Predix, the GE Catalyst is the smartest engine in its class. Best in class connectivity and access to critical engine health information makes the Catalyst the only engine with near real time troubleshooting and diagnostic support no matter where you are in the world.


GE’s Catalyst achieved full power and max RPM with the engine and the new, state-of-the-art, McCauley composite propeller at Czech Technical University’s new testing facility in Prague. The engine and propeller demonstrated the full range of pitch using a Full Authority Digital Engine Control (FADEC) with integrated propeller control which has never been done before in this segment.

Proven technologies now scaled for turboprops

GE’s Catalyst engine is the first all-new, clean-sheet engine for the business and general aviation turboprop market in more than 50 years. By utilizing technologies proven on GE’s larger commercial engines over millions of flight hours, we’re balancing “all new” with “low risk and high value” thus advancing the market and the business and general aviation operator’s experience.

Cooled turbine blades and multi-stage turbines

Proven over 1.4B flight hours

High OPR compressors and Variable Stator Vanes

Proven over 1.3B flight hours

Digital Controls

Proven over 650M flight hours

Small engine architecture

Proven over 130M flight hours

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An improved experience for everyone


GE’s engineers were obsessed with incorporating the voice of airframe manufacturers into this engine’s design. Innovation, advanced manufacturing and digital analytics liberate aircraft design engineers from the conventional trade-offs they have to make in weight, speed, fuel consumption, range, and so on. They have the freedom to create a truly flexible design.


Improving the pilot experience starts by streamlining operations and reducing distractions. Digitally-enabled features begin with engine auto start and continue with automated exceedance protection and integrated propeller control. The result is a simplified cockpit that includes a single-lever power control, fewer instruments to monitor and more precise engine control.


Reliability is the benchmark of proven technology. This engine’s integrated digital features and GE’s analytics act as a technology liaison for maintenance prediction, prevention, and planning. The result is greater availability and ultimately lower cost of ownership for the life of the engine.


A better passenger journey starts with a more comfortable cabin experience. This engine's integrated propulsion control aids in cabin noise reduction and its improved performance can enable a lower effective cabin altitude. This results in lower vibration and a more enjoyable flight experience.