Structure solutions through partnership and technology

Structures cover every part of an aircraft, and each structure is different. GE Aviation recognizes the breadth of applications and provides flexible solutions for customers throughout all phases of the production cycle. Our expertise stretches from wing leading and trailing edge to landing gear structures, and across all products we provide the engineering capability to the depth required, from build-to-print to full design and in both metallics and composites.

Wing Leading Edge and Trailing Edge

From regional aircraft to ultra-large airliners, GE Aviation supports airframers in delivering cost-effective structures to fulfil expectations on weight and performance.


Engine Nacelles

GE Aviation designs and builds nacelles and nacelle components for engines of all sizes and types.

Landing Gear Structure

GE Aviation has supported most major landing gear structure providers with parts, and is building on its experience in other market sectors to provide increasing levels of integration.


Fairings and Strakes

Our breadth of manufacturing capability in both composites and metallics, along with a global manufacturing footprint, allows us to deliver a wide range of aerostructures to tight tolerances, and with complex interfacing requirements.