The 30.2 MW Engine

Photo courtesy of Cunard Line

Main features of GE’s 30.2 MW marine gas turbine are increased power (20%) compared to the 25.1 MW unit, and the same high availability, reliability and an even higher efficiency (lower SFC). As in the case of GE’s 25.2 MW gas turbine, the 30.2 MW unit’s simple modular design provides for easy maintenance with its split compressor casing, in-place blade and vane replacement, in-place hot section maintenance and external fuel nozzles.

This compact and lightweight gas turbine offers low emissions and the ability to operate on a variety of fuels. Ideal applications for the 30.2 MW gas turbine include high-speed ferries, cruise ships, LNG carriers and yachts.


30.2 MW

GE's 30.2 MW (40,500 shp) marine gas turbine is based on the design and precedent-setting reliability of GE's popular 25.1 MW gas turbine.


Output 40,500 shp (30,200 kW)
SFC .354 lb/shp-hr (215 g/kW-hr)
Heat rate 6,522 Btu/shp-hr
8,746 Btu/kWs-hr
9,227 kJ/kWs-hr
Exhaust gas flow 189 lb/sec (85.9 kg/sec)
Exhaust gas temperature 965°F (518°C)
Power turbine speed 3600 rpm
Average performance, 60 Hertz, 59°F, sea level, 60% relative humidity, no inlet/exhaust losses