The CT7 Engine

Any flight, any time, any place. With more than 100 million flight hours, the CT7 family of turboshaft and turboprop engines operates across the globe in every environment your aircraft travels.

GE's successful T700/CT7 family of turboprop and turboshaft engines powers 25 types of helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft with more than 130 customers in more than 50 countries.

Built on the highly reliable T700, the CT7 engine design has proven itself in harsh environments and has achieved over 37 million engine cycles. The commercial CT7 engine powers a variety of helicopters including the Bell 214ST and 525, Sikorsky S-70, S-92 and AgustaWestland’s AW101 and AW189. The turboprop version of the engine powers aircraft such as the CN235 and Saab 340.

The newest member of the CT7 family, the CT7-2E1, is an advanced civil version of the T700-701D.  It features a new, improved life high pressure turbine and an advanced FADEC.  Certified in June 2013, the -2E1 is currently in service on the AW189 super medium helicopter.  Another version of this engine, the CT7-2F1, was certified in 2019 and will power the Bell 525 Relentless. In addition, variants of the CT7-2 currently power the AW 149 and Bell 214ST.

The highest reliability of any engines in its class, the CT7-8 engine provides maximum mission performance. Certified by the FAA in April 2004, the CT7-8 combines advanced, state-of-the-art technology with mission proven T700 design architecture. Designed for increased durability with commercially proven components, these powerful engines feature Full Authority Digital Electrical Control (FADEC) for better cockpit information and reduced pilot workload. The CT7-8 proudly powers a variety of multi role aircraft including the S92, AW101, and NH90.

The CT7 turboprop variants use the same core as the turboshaft engines, with a propeller gearbox fitted forward of the core. CT7 turboprops are used on variants of the Swedish Saab340 airliner and the CN235 transporter.



Known for its rugged, fuel efficient and exceptional performance, the CT7-2 provides reliable power to helicopters used in a variety of roles from executive transport to fire fighting.


CT7-6/-6A turboshaft engines are commercial variants of the successful T700/CT7 engine family. The turboshaft engine powers the entire development fleet of AW101 helicopters with thousands of flight hours of operation.


The CT7-8 is a family of powerful engines in the 2,500 to 3,000 shp class designed to meet the demanding mission needs of modern medium lift helicopters throughout the world.


With more than 1,500 engines delivered to date and 30 million flight hours logged, the CT7 turboprop continues to prove its mettle with operators worldwide.

  CT7-2 CT7-6/6A CT7-8 CT7-9
Physical Information
Compressor Stages 6 6 6 6
Low-Pressure Turbine / High-Pressure Turbine 2/2 2/2 2/2 2/2
Nominal Diameter (Inches) 15.6 15.6 26 29
Length (Inches) 46 47 48.8 96
Power Specifications
Take off rating at Sea Level 1,625 2,000 2,634 1,870-1,950
SFC at take-off rating 0.474 0.454 0.452 0.455