Digital Services & Data Analytics

GE is creating efficiencies for its customers that go beyond the physical engine. We are using data and analytics to create outcome based solutions that are delivering customer value by reducing operating costs, increase aircraft utilization, and flight efficiencies.

Predix Platform

The Predix platform is a cloud-based Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) for the Industrial Internet. The Predix platform provides tools, framework, guidelines, and best practices that enable you to create solutions to run industrial-scale analytics. As it connects machines, data, people, and other assets, the Predix platform uses leading technologies for distributed computing, big-data analytics, asset data management, and machine-to-machine communication.

Flight Efficiency Services

Transforming data and analytics into actionable insights that improves efficiency of how customers fly their fleet.

Fuel Management

Fuel efficiency means everything to operators. GE's integrated flight data and analytics provide insights to identify and implement sustainable fuel efficiency opportunities.

  • Measure and track savings, before and after, at fleet level ; drill down per phase of flight
  • Analytics and reporting that drives insights for further saving opportunities
  • Change behavior consulting for sustainable improvements

Fleet Management

Optimizing shop capacity requires a thorough plan. Utilize GE experience to maximize engine availability and manage inputs.

  • Removal scheduling - Using Life Limited Parts (LLP) tracking, condition monitoring and fleet projections to manage shop loads
  • Work scope management – Leverage GE’s global experience to define the best repair plan
  • Prognostics / Diagnostics – Using global fleet data to predict and solve fleet issues before disruption occurs
  • Configuration tracking – Accurate fleet records that are essential for proper maintenance planning