Commercial Engines

With more than 33,000 engines in service, GE is a world leader in jet engine manufacturing, offering products for many of the best-selling commercial airframes. Each one of GE’s commercial engines is a leader in its class for performance, reliability and cost of ownership.

With a long history of innovation and ground-breaking technology, GE continues to spend $1B every year on commercial jet engine research and development.

Twin-Aisle Aircraft


Specifically designed for the Boeing 777, the GE90 is the world's most powerful turbofan.

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Purpose-designed for the Boeing 777X, the GE9X will be the most fuel-efficient engine GE has ever produced.

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Powering the Boeing 787 Dreamliner and 747-8, the GEnx is the fastest-selling engine in GE Aviation history.

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The GP7200 engine is produced by a 50/50 Joint Venture between GE and Pratt & Whitney. It is the most reliable and most fuel efficient engine available for the Airbus A380

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For 45 years, the CF6 family of engines have been the cornerstone of the best widebody, long-range commercial aircraft in the industry.

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Single-Aisle Aircraft


The CFM56 is produced by a 50/50 Joint Venture between GE and Safran Aircraft Engines. It is the world’s best-selling aircraft engine with more than 30,000 engines delivered to more than 550 customers around the world.

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A worthy successor to the CFM56, the new LEAP engine will bring double-digit improvements in fuel efficiency, emissions and noise, with the legendary reliability and low cost of ownership of its predecessor.

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Regional Aircraft


The CF34 engine helped launch the era of regional jets. More than 135 million flight hours and 110 million flight cycles later, it continues to set the standard for performance, durability and dependability...

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A multi-platform versatile powerplant, the CT7 turboshaft engine has been powering numerous commercial aircraft for more than 30 years.

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