Military Gas Turbines

Photo courtesy of the United States Navy

GE's highly efficient marine gas turbines come in various sizes and power ranges, and can meet current and future emissions regulations. Our gas turbines provide superior availability for diverse military applications, ranging from patrol boats, corvettes, frigates, destroyers and cruisers to supply and amphibious ships and aircraft carriers. Learn more about the real cost of speed and how GE marine gas turbines offer naval architects the design flexibility to best match speed, endurance and mission payload requirements.


The 6,130 shp LM500 is adapted from the TF34 engine and has the highest fuel efficiency of any gas turbine in its output class.

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The 33,600 shp LM2500 is GE's most popular marine gas turbine, powering more than 400 ships in 33 world navies.

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The 40,500 shp LM2500+ marine gas turbine is based on the design and precedent-setting reliability of GE's popular LM2500.

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The LM2500+G4 gas turbine provides 47,370 shp, and is the most powerful and efficient member of the LM2500 family.

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The LM6000 is the most fuel-efficient simple-cycle gas turbine in its size class, delivering 61,851 shp at over 40% thermal efficiency.

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