Military Systems

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GE Aviation's Systems business is equipping militaries with the solutions needed to succeed. As a leading supplier of integrated systems and technologies for combat aircraft, military transport, helicopters, land vehicles and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), GE is enabling armed forces around the world to improve reliability and enhance operational performance. Using a legacy as a world-class leader in the industry, GE is making the future of military air and land procedures safer, stronger and more dynamic than ever before.

Avionics Systems

With an eye on total system optimization, GE continues to develop innovative and environmentally-responsible solutions.

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Electrical Power Systems

The next generation of military aircraft will demand the most exacting power systems ever developed.

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Dowty Propellers

A supplier of advanced turboprop engines, our technology is simple and proven, with advanced aerodynamics blade sections, rugged construction, fail-safe electronic control and lightweight design.



Unison is a leading supplier of gas turbine engine components and electrical & mechanical systems, enabling defense organizations worldwide to maintain a deterrent presence and protect their sovereignty.