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TRUEngine Qualification Status

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Helping you maximize asset value with greater operational assurance

Customers with GE and CFM engines want to maximize asset value and take advantage of the full range of our world-class support. Verifying an engine’s material content through our TRUEngine™ program can help owners and operators achieve both.

A TRUEngine is an engine which has been maintained to GE or CFM manuals and recommendations. A TRUEngine contains TRUEngine LLP, which are life-limited parts (LLP) that have always operated in GE- or CFM- approved configurations. When rotating LLP and their associated critical influencing parts and all other internal engine parts are confirmed for GE- or CFM-approved configuration, the engine is eligible for TRUEngine status.

In addition, GE and CFM strongly advise customers maximize operational reliability by maintaining all engine components – which include all Line Replacement Units (LRUs) and all external accessories (i.e., all other parts as referenced in the Spare Parts Catalog) – to GE and CFM manuals and recommendations.